Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kitchen Dog Theater in Dallas Offers Unique Performances

Maxine Marie Hepfer works with the Transaction Real Estate group of Ernst and Young. In her free time, Maxine Marie Hepfer enjoys attending theater pieces at the Kitchen Dog Theater. The small-scale, independent venue in Dallas presents shows that tackle themes other playhouses would not dare touch.

Kitchen Dog Theater aims to provide a place where human freedom, morality, and justice are questioned. The theater brings in thought-provoking, challenging plays that fight against the grain of social convention.

One performance that Kitchen Dog Theater brought in was called Gideon’s Knot. This play dealt with suicide, bullying, and culpability. DC Theatre Scene called Gideon’s Knot a heart-stopping show filled with suspense and questions about parenting. The play tells a funny yet sad and disturbing tale by way of a difficult, true-to-life storyline.